A sewing class in your mailbox

 Everytime I talk to people about sewing, I hear the same thing:

“I wish I knew how to sew” or “I wish I used my machine for more than just mending”.

Does that sound like you?  Would you like to learn how?

Sewing is a beautiful way of injecting your own sense of style, beauty, colour and fun into your surroundings, your home and your wardrobe. And the feeling of pride you get from saying, “thank you, I made it myself” makes you tingle all over. I love to sew, and teaching others how to turn fabric and thread into beautiful yet useful objects is my superpower. Seriously. But I still remember what it’s like to be a beginner and how intimidating it is to reach out and try new things.

The right project can turn frustration into fun.

I understand that your first sewing project can be a bit scary and potentially frustrating (like driving for the first time). Rather than leaving you to nut your way through a store-bought paper pattern with limited success and shattered confidence, I’ve taken some of my favourite creations and transformed them into project kits you can sew at home.

It’s like having a sewing class arrive in your mailbox!

The kit instructions and free PDF Resource sheets are incredibly detailed and assume nothing. All the jargon is explained and the steps include annotated photographs. I tell you which mistakes to watch out for and share my pick of the tricks that make learning to sew much easier! With time and practice, you will find yourself taking on more complicated projects and trickier techniques. Each kit comes with everything you need to complete the project inside. There is no need to struggle through fabric shops looking for that last obscure item on the supplies list – it’s all there, just waiting for that exciting moment when you sit down and make a start.

Delight in colour, pattern and texture – and that’s just the fabric.

Now imagine what you can create!

Keen to get started? Choose your first project. Read more about the kits, and me.

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