About Sarah Caporn

While I love to sew, I was fed up with dragging my kids around a fabric store and still not being sure I had everything I needed. So I decided to do something about it and created a series of gorgeous, mail-able project kits with everything you'll need to teach yourself to sew. I take the fuss out of learning to sew. I'm based on a farm in country Western Australia and can shop online like a pro (you know, if there was such a professional ;) ) Look forward to chatting to you soon.

How To Sew Laminate Fabrics

Although somewhat intimidating when you first contemplate using a coated fabric, it really is quite simple to sew. With a few new tools (or almost the same thing hacks) you’ll be sewing up a storm in no time.

Lamination is adding layers of plastic or other materials to wood or fabric which are then bonded together. Laminated […]

Buying Sewing Supplies Online


I live in regional Western Australia.  I am a long way from most places, it’s an 80km round trip just to buy groceries, but lucky for me the local postman drives past our farm gate twice a week on his mail run.  He says I win the prize for the most parcels to come […]

City Skirt for Spring – Introduction to Appliqué

How to Add Appliqué to An A-line Skirt

(This skirt was especially made for the delightful Belinda over at Mums Take Five as a very belated birthday present)


I’ve had this idea floating about in my head, and my sewing room, for a good few months now and I’m so pleased to finally show you the results.  I’ve […]

How to Thread Your Sewing Machine

Threading Your Sewing Machine with a Top Thread (Main Spool)

So your machine is plugged in and ready to sew.  The next step is to thread it.  We’ll start with the top thread and then move onto winding thread onto a bobbin and threading your bottom thread.

Here’s a great graphic of how a sewing machine […]

Glossary of Sewing Terms

I can easily update this list so please ask if you have come across a new term in a pattern or tutorial that you’d like explained here.  ~ Sarah
Always backstitch at the beginning and end of your sewing.  To make a backstitch, sew two stitches forwards then two in reverse and then carry on stitching […]

Seam Allowances

How to Sew in a Straight Line

Ever wondered how to make your line of stitching nice and straight (relatively speaking)?  The secret is to not watch where the needle is going up and down; it will do that regardless of what you do.  Instead focus on where the edge of the fabric is tracking, which […]

What’s That Bit Called? ~ Parts of a Sewing Machine

Anatomy of A Sewing Machine
Each and every sewing machine is different but, like human bodies, they’ve all got the same bits on there somewhere…

Here’s a quick tour of my Bernina 1008 which will hopefully give you a rough idea of where similar things are on your machine.
(Click on any of the images to make them […]

How To Wind Thread Onto A Bobbin

Winding a Bobbin ~ A Photo Tutorial

A sewing machine has two threads that intertwine to make a stitch.  The bobbin is the small spool that holds the bottom thread of your sewing machine.

There is no such thing as a universal bobbin.  Although some are interchangeable, each make of machine has a slightly different design and a […]

How to Thread Your Bobbin

The bobbin is that small little spool that forms the bottom thread in the stitch.

This information follows on from How To Wind Thread Onto the Bobbin >>

I only have front loading machines with a bobbin case so that is the method I’ll describe here.  Some machines have a drop-in or horizontal bobbin.  The best tutorial I’ve […]

Changing Your Sewing Machine Needle

How to Replace Your Sewing Machine Needle
(when it snaps, is damaged or goes blunt)

Changing your needle is a really simple operation.

If you are starting to get tangled a lot or drop stitches then changing your needle is a good first fix to see if that sorts it out.  Snapping a needle can throw your machine’s […]