Ready, Set, Sew! ~ The Simple Starter Tool Set

  • Starter Set of Sewing Tools
  • Bonus Project : Pin Pillow

Ready, Set, Sew! ~ The Simple Starter Tool Set


Navigate your way through the endless equipment and gadgets with ease. This beginners starter pack gives you all the tools you’ll need to ready, set, sew!

Product Description

One of the hardest things to navigate when you first start sewing is the massive number of tools and gadgets available to assist with this seemingly straightforward task.

Ever stood in a shop feeling completely overwhelmed about what to buy?  This will help.

My starter pack of equipment gives you all my favourite tools – the things that I use almost daily in my own sewing room.


Your kit includes

  • fabric scissors
  • thread snips
  • tape measure
  • hem gauge
  • seam ripper
  • point turner
  • marking chalk
  • sewing pins
  • Very clear and fully photographed instructions on how to use them
  • ***  BONUS SEWING PROJECT – Make Your Own Pin Pillow ***

Following your purchase, you’ll also receive:

  • email link to view the instruction booklet online with large colour photos to zoom in on if you get stuck
  • An invitation to join our Hunting for Ladybugs Helpdesk Facebook group where you can get questions answered as you sew


Feedback I’ve received so far is that you’ll use every single bit.

And then, once you get a feel for things, you’ll be able to confidently walk back into those fabric shops and select exactly what you need.

Skill Level:  Easy Peasy Beginner


Free postage to Australian addresses

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