Simple Zipper Pouch Sewing Kit

  • Make Your Own Zipper Pouches - Sewing Kit by Hunting for Ladybugs
  • Make Your Own Zipper Pouches - Sewing Kit by Hunting for Ladybugs
  • Make Your Own Zip Pouch Sewing Kit - all supplies included - by Hunting for Ladybugs

Simple Zipper Pouch Sewing Kit


Conquering zippers really does take your sewing to a whole new level.  Making these cute little pouches will be a great way to learn those fundamental steps and how easy they can be.

Intermediate Level

Product Description

This kit guides you through making this matching pair of pouches to introduce you to just how un-scary zippers can be.

Your kit contains everything you’ll need:

  • outer and lining fabrics
  • interfacing
  • two 7″ / 18cm zips
  • sewing thread; and
  • comprehensive instructions with the pattern and lots of photos.

Following your purchase, you’ll also receive:

  • email link to view the instruction booklet online with large colour photos to zoom in on if you get stuck
  • An invitation to join our Hunting for Ladybugs Helpdesk Facebook group where you can get questions answered as you sew

Skill Level:  Advanced Beginner


Free Shipping to Australian addresses


If you’re brand new to sewing – I’d recommend you start with the Drawstring Bag Kit first

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  1. Annaleis Topham

    What a fantastic product. I loved that everything I needed arrived in my package and that the instructions were easy to follow.

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