Sew Your Own I-Spy Bag

  • I-Spy Bag - A Sewing Supply Kit from Hunting for Ladybugs

Sew Your Own I-Spy Bag


I-Spy bags are perfect for keeping kids quiet in the car, cafe or waiting rooms.  All supplies included with the kit, even 25 little toys to ‘spy’.

Product Description

This bag is a quick, easy project that the kids will just love.   Suitable for beginners.
Perfect for long car trips or stash in your bag to produce when the kids get rowdy when you’re eating out or a waiting room.

It really is the perfect quiet toy to entertain little ones.

This kit contains all supplies including fabrics, interfacing, small toys, poly beads and thread.

To complete this project, you will need

  • Kit Contents
  • Basic Sewing Tools – Scissors, Pins, Iron
  • Small Funnel (optional but handy)

The kit includes:

  • All fabrics
  • Interfacing
  • Clear Window for ‘spying’ through
  • Selection of small toys (the trickiest bits to source and compiled especially for you)
  • Poly Pellets
  • Sewing Thread
  • step-by-step instruction sheet to guide you through the sewing part

 Free postage to Australian addresses

Following your purchase, you’ll also receive:

  • email link to download the instruction sheets with large colour photos so you can zoom in and see clearly
  • An invitation to join our Hunting for Ladybugs Helpdesk Facebook group where you can ask questions to get unstuck as you sew

Skill Level:  Novice / Beginner – you can conquer this no problems 🙂

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